Saturday, 27 August 2011

Prince Harry To Be Immortalised As A Cartoon

LONDON: Prince Harry's life, loves and escapades are to be immortalised in the form of a cartoon strip. The 26-year-old Prince of Wales, the third in line to the throne has been turned into a cartoon character in his very own comic strip. The special 32-page Marvel-style comic traces the

Wild Child royal's life, right from childhood and days at Eton through to his time with the army in Afghanistan and finally his transformation into a dashing helicopter pilot.

Darren G. Davis of publisher Bluewater Productions said that he decided to commission a comic of "wild child" Prince Harry because he believed there was a renewed worldwide fascination with British royal since April's royal wedding was announced.

"I have been interested in the Royals since Princess Diana's wedding and the world has become so fascinated again with the British Royal Family since Will and Kate walked down the aisle I thought that people would want to know more about the other family members," the Daily Mail quoted Davis as saying.

The team of its creators consists of some of the most pre-eminent writers and artists in the business, who claim not to have shied away from any of the party prince's notorious antics including his visits to lap dancing clubs.

The magazine will also chart the rough and good times in the prince's love life including his off-and-on relation with long time girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Some of the incidents and dialogues are imagined including, whereas all stories are based on fact.


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