Wednesday, 9 May 2012

120 On Board Indian Airlines Flight In Leh Escape 'Minor' Mishap

SRINAGAR: One hundred twenty passengers on Srinagar bound 447-Indian Airlines plane escaped injury on Wednesday morning when the tyres of the plane deflated and caught fire at the runway at Leh airport.

According to the manager of Indian airlines in Srinagar, Mohammad Iqbal, it was a minor problem. "Deflation of one of the tyres cannot be described as a major mishap," Iqbal said.

However, one of the passengers , Devinder Batra said the tyres caught fire immediately when the pilot applied brakes as he was taking off from the Leh airport at about 7.45am. "However, all the passengers are safe. The authorities brought another plane from New Delhi and flew us to Srinagar," he added.


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